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  • Tara Woodbury

5 Reasons to Put Curacao on Your Caribbean Radar

When it comes to vacationing, where the gorgeous beaches you only see on television become a reality, the Caribbean is one of the world's premier destinations. Because there are so many beautiful options to explore, the Caribbean is popular with families.

When people think about visiting the Caribbean, they generally want to visit Jamaica, the Bahamas, Saint Martin, or Antigua. These are beautiful countries and territories with so much going for them, but they are not the only choices. One island that tends to get overlooked by many is Curacao.

5 Reasons To Consider Curacao

Curacao is a dreamy island located just east of Aruba and off the coast of Venezuela. Curacao has so much to offer, so here are five reasons why Curacao needs to be on anyone's list if they're considering a trip to the Caribbean.

The Beaches

Most people traveling to the Caribbean desire a beautiful beach with a blue ocean and lots of sunshine. There are 35 different beaches to visit while in Curacao. It only takes ninety minutes to drive the length of the island so you can see Curacao is a beach lover's paradise! Every beach has a personality all its own, and there is at least one that will suit you and your family.


Sticking to a budget is essential to every family, and Curacao can help travelers stay within their budget. Curacao is considered one of the most affordable of the Caribbean islands to visit. Curacao, located outside the hurricane belt, is safer than some islands and a visit there also helps avoid taking kids out of school to miss hurricane season.


Curacao has a happening nightlife scene for those looking to fill their days and nights with excitement. Live music is a big part of the culture here, and you can experience it all, from jazz to soca.


If you are looking to enjoy a more sophisticated type of fun, there is plenty of art across the island to enjoy. From museums and galleries to stunning murals across the cities, there is something to see virtually everywhere. A visit to Curacao makes for a great educational experience for students as well.


The island of Curacao is a multicultural place that has a varied history. Residents of Curacao carry a Dutch passport. However, from the native Arawak people to the Spanish, Portuguese, and Jewish peoples, there have been various influences on this island. The proximity to South America also adds to its diversity. This melting pot would be a wonderful place to introduce your children to other cultures.

Curacao is a place that every traveler needs to consider. It is a beautiful island with as much to offer families as any of the other more popular island destinations. Maybe the fact that this island flies under the radar of many Caribbean travelers is another reason to travel there. A trip to Curacao means less crowded beaches and more great experiences!

If you are interested in planning a vacation to Curacao or anywhere else, give me a call or click on "Let's Chat" below to schedule a time to talk about your next favorite vacation!

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