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  • Tara Woodbury

What to Bring On Your Next Road Trip

There’s no better feeling than getting out on the open road. Whether you’re road-tripping down the coast or planning a trek across the country, you’re in for the ride of your life. Being prepared will make all the difference in how much you and your family enjoy the trip. To make sure your road trip is smooth sailing, here is a list of what to bring on your road trip.


Being stuck in a car with the same group of people may seem fun, but it can quickly become a nightmare if hunger strikes and there are no rest stops nearby. Avoid becoming hangry by packing snacks for your trip. While junk food is always the highlight of any long drive, you should also consider healthy snacks like nuts, crackers, and pre-cut fruits and veggies that will hold you over a lot longer.

First Aid Kit

You never know what’s going to happen while adventuring on the open road. Keep a first aid kit easily accessible in your car, so you have access to bandages and medications you may need. In the best-case scenario, you don’t need the first aid kit. In the worst-case scenario, you prepared for whatever aches and pains head your way.

Emergency Car Kit

You have a first aid kit for yourself, so why not have an emergency car kit to fix any issues that crop up? You’re relying on your vehicle to get you from point A to point B safely. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan, and you may find yourself with a flat tire or car that won’t start. An emergency car kit prepares you with jumper cables and other tools to help if it comes down to it.


Although the sun on your skin may feel warm and cozy, it is hazardous when the sun is in your eyes while you drive! Depending on the direction you’re headed, you may find yourself squinting along the way. Instead, equip yourself with sunglasses to protect your vision and make it easy for you to navigate the roads.


If you’re headed out on your road trip in the warmer months, you’ll likely rely on your car’s air conditioner to keep you comfortable. While the air conditioning creates a cozy atmosphere, it can dry out your lips and cause you discomfort! To avoid this scenario, pack a chapstick to keep your lips hydrated throughout the road trip.

Car Games

When road tripping with children, you hope you make it to your destination with little to no delays. However, that often isn’t the case. If you get stuck in traffic or taking a detour, you maybe need some activities to keep yourself and your children distracted from the delays in your estimated time of arrival. Pack car games like car bingo to keep everyone’s in a positive mood.

Travel Trash Can

The longer the road trip, the more trash you’re going to accumulate along the ride. Whether it’s packaging from your snacks, old maps, tissues, or remnants from a fast food stop, it’ll help keep the interior of your car clean. Not only does this create a more relaxing atmosphere, but it saves you time when you get to your destination.

While the length of your road trip will determine what items are essential, this is a great list to work off for your next family adventure. When packing up the car, make sure you cross each of these items off your list for a smooth sailing road trip. Ready to explore the world on a road trip? Let me help you plan the perfect itinerary. Just click "Schedule a Consultation" above and let's chat about it!

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