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  • Tara Woodbury

Top Ten Tips for Cruising With Teens

Did you realize you only get 18 years with your kids until they will probably decide they'd rather vacation with friends and their significant others? Don't forget to make some memories before it's too late!

A cruise is a great way not only to spend time together but make those memories! When families go on a cruise with teenagers, it's an excellent solution for finding a vacation where you can spend time together and apart. Let's look at the top ten tips for cruising with teens to help everyone plan for a fun and safe trip.

1: Boredom Busters

Encourage your teen to bowl, climb rock walls, ice skate, surf on a simulator, watch movies, or other activities the cruise line offers.

2: No More Long Road Trips

While visiting multiple locations sounds fun on paper, they often include cramped vehicles and long trips. Going on a cruise means you can unpack everything as soon as you board the ship. You can leave the driving at each port to someone else by using busses, shuttles, or walking.

3: Reduce Food Costs

Meal costs add up quickly, especially when you're traveling with a growing teenager. One of the best things about a cruise is the endless food choices, and many of your meals are included. So, your teen can eat as much or as little as they want without costing you anything extra.

4: No More After Dinner Arguments

Traveling from destination to destination by car involves staying at hotels. The last thing your teen will want to do is sit in the hotel room watching movies. Cruises are a different story. Many cruises offer clubs and other entertainment specifically for teens.

5: Let Teens Help When Planning

Ask your teens which destinations they want to explore the most. For example, if your teen loves the beach, they'll prefer white sandy beaches, kayaking, and snorkeling. If your teen loves history, they might choose to explore ruins, go cave exploring, or visit old cities.

6: Choose Age-Appropriate Activities

Choose a cruise line that separates tween and young teens from older high school students. For example, you'll find that Princess Cruises' Shockwaves is ideal for children and pre-teens ages eight to 12. Norwegian Cruise Lines also have pre-teen and teen-specific groups. For example, Dolphins are for pre-teens ages ten to 12, and their teen club, Entourage, is best for teens ages 13 to 17.

7: Get as Much Space as You Can Afford

Parents and teens benefit from having separate spaces when traveling. That way, everyone has the privacy they want. You'll also be able to turn in early, even if your teen has other plans. Plus, parents don't have to see their teen's dirty clothes and other things that might drive them crazy.

8: Keep in Touch

While teens can experience a significant amount of freedom on a cruise, that doesn't mean they shouldn't communicate with their parents. Before boarding, create a communication plan using cell phones to ensure everyone is safe and accounted for daily.

9: Lay Out the Rules

No trip should be free from rules, including the use of alcohol and drugs. Your teen might think of the cruise as a non-stop party, so you want to be proactive. Laws in other countries are different for drinking, so port adventures may be a time you want to spend together if you have any concerns.

10: Don't Forget About Family Time

It isn't uncommon for teens to disappear right after breakfast and return to the cabin right before bedtime. If you don't carve out family time ahead of time, then it might not happen. Have dinners together and participate in some of the activities or events they're enjoying.

High school graduation is right around the corner and, before you know it, your teen will be off on their own. Plan a cruise today to relish in these last few years with your teen! When you're ready, reach out by phone or email, and I will help you get started.

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