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  • Tara Woodbury

What to Do On Your Family Trip to Alaska

Have you been scouring the internet looking for ideas of what to do on your family trip to Alaska?

With its abundance of outdoor adventures, scenic beauty, and plentiful wildlife, there's an activity each member of your family will enjoy. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to narrow down what excursions are an absolute must. If you're taking a family trip to Alaska, we've put together a must-do adventure list to help guide your itinerary.

Denali National Park

With hiking trails, dog sled demonstrations, and Junior Ranger programs, there's something for everyone in your family to enjoy at Denali National Park. Although Alaska's most famous national park boasts the continent's tallest peak, it's incredibly kid-friendly. Stop by the Visitor Center upon your arrival to pick up a complimentary Denali Discovery Backpack containing kids' activities. The pack will equip them with the necessities for a fun-filled day, including binoculars and guides for identifying wildlife, a water testing kit to perform scientific experiments, casting powder to create a cast of a wolf paw print more.

Dog Sledding

Did you know that Denali National Park is the only national park where sled dogs are still used in the winter? If your family is visiting in the summer, you can tour the kennel, meet the sled dogs, and attend a dog sledding demonstration to learn about dog sledding history. Elevate the experience by signing your family up to go dog sledding! This family-friendly excursion will take you and your children on a mile-long ride where you'll get first-hand experience mushing.

Alaskan Culture

While children and teenagers might not find Alaskan history as exciting as exploring Denali National Park or dog sledding, it's important to learn about the traditions and culture. Visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage to gain insight into Alaska's cultural groupings, watch traditional dances, admire totem poles, and play Native games. Immersing your children in another culture will help them appreciate the rest of the adventures on your trip to Alaska.

Whale Watching

Depending on when your family plans a trip to Alaska, whale watching should be at the top of your list. While June and July offer the best chance at spotting a whale because of the whale's feeding schedule, you'll be able to partake in this activity year-round. The whole family will enjoy the boat ride where you'll spend the day watching the surface of the water, waiting for a humpback whale to make an appearance. Keep an eye out for the bubbles breaking the surface of the water, indicating a whale is nearby!

Northern Lights

This may come as no surprise, but one of Alaska's most popular attractions is the Northern Lights. If you're visiting Alaska during Aurora Season from early April until late August, you'll be able to watch the sky transform right before your eyes will leave your family speechless! Remember that seeing the Northern Lights isn't the most family-friendly activity if you travel with young children. The visibility of the Northern Lights can vary and occurs late into the night, making it difficult for children who have an earlier bedtime or cannot sit still for extended periods.

If you're planning an Alaskan family adventure, it can be challenging to know which activities will appeal to your entire group. I can help you determine what to do on your family trip to Alaska that will please everyone. Call me or shoot me an email and let's get your next favorite vacation on the books!

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